Real Men Wear Kilts™️


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  • A gift sure to make one smile! Appropriate for men or women who wear kilts or who have an Irish or Scottish background. Wood decor sign for the Scotsman and Scotsmen, Irishmen or anyone with Celtic pride and heritage. St. Patrick's Day gift ideas, St. Patrick's, St. Patty's, Christmas gift for men, Christmas present for women, dad gift, Scottish pride, Irish Pride, Burley man, Sporran, sgian-dubh, trews, bodice, ghillie brogues, dirk, Brittish pride, Scotland, Ireland, British Isles, bagpipes, bag pipes, kilts. shelf knick knacks, 
  • PHOTO PROP: This decoration is a great prop in the background for your St Patrick's Day picture! Or a nice backdrop for your traditional Scot from Scotland. Show your Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, British and Celtic pride in your next photo! 
  • QUALITY and SIZE: Wooden box sign is made of quality materials and can stand freely on a shelf or table. Hardware is also attached for hanging. Measures 5" x 6" x 1.5."
  • Placement: either place on your tabletop (counter, desk, mantel, shelf) or you can hang on wall.

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