I Have A Hero I Call Him Pop Pop™️


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  • STYLE and SIZE: Rustic, shabby chic. Measures 8" x 6" x 1 1/2" . Made of quality materials and can stand freely on a shelf or table. Hardware is conveniently attached for hanging on a wall, as well.
  • PHOTO SHOOT PROP: This cool and unique sign makes a great gift for your poppop on his Birthday, Fathers Day or any other special occasion. It is the perfect gift to show how you feel about your grandfather. Also it is a unique gift for the man that has everything. Perfect heartfelt prop for a selfie or group photo with family. This sign will give an amazing inspirational and unique touch to any photo.
  • ARTWORK: Cute sayings on plaques make great art for bedrooms walls, desk or tv stands. whether a decoration to show next to a picture frame. This will be the perfect meaningful gift for the best Pop Pop ever in your life.
  • GIFT IDEAS:Wood plaque signs and signage are perfect gifts for Pop Pop, Pop-Pop, Poppop in yoru life. Great gift for Pop Pop for Christmas, his birthday or Father's Day.
  • USES AND DECOR:Wooden box sayings and quotes signs with words look cute as novelties in living rooms, family rooms, a basement, wall art, in a photo shoot, as a prop, with related stuff, as a home accent, for interior decorating, as door prizes, favors, gift baskets, hanging or hang in a kitchen, fits in rustic and funny theme or themed rooms, bedroom, next to a basket, as things for style or accents to inspire as a great sign decoration for an inspired life in your room.
  • SIZE: 8 x 6 x 1.5 in 
  • Placement: either place on your tabletop (counter, desk, mantel, shelf) or you can hang on wall 
  • Made in the USA

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