First Day and Last Day of School Sign – 2 Sided


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  • DESCRIPTION: ONE piece Chalkboard is printed on both sides. First day of school on the front and Last day of school print on the back. This board is a sturdy 3/8" thick and measures 14" x 16".CHALK DESIGN TRICK TIP: To achieve a more solid, vibrant, smooth design, dip the tip of the chalk in water before use. Makes the decorating so much more fun!!!
    CLEANING CARE and USE: We recommend the use of actual dry chalk. Chalk markers and chalk pens will not completely erase and are not recommended! To re-use gently wipe down with damp paper towel immediately after use. Chalk markers may be appropriate for photo props when re-use of the chalkboard is not needed. This board is reusable with dry chalk. Liquid Chalk Markers not recommended and may leave permanent ghosting on the board.
    MAKE MEMORIES: Capture your Childs milestones on their First and Last of School to Memorialize in a photo .
    PHOTO PROP: Customize this chalkboard to share your childs favorite things and milestones with family and friends on the internet and social media. Bring to your photographer for a great addition to your childs photo shoot and for childs pictures. A great way to track each memory through photos.
    EXTRA INFO: We recommend wiping the chalkboard with a wet/damp cloth after each use to prevent staining!
    Wipe clean after each use with a damp cloth to reuse for each child and year after year.

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