Everything I Touch Turns to Sold ™️


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  • STYLE and SIZE: Measures 6" x 8" x 1 1/2" . Made of quality materials and can stand freely on a shelf or table. Sign also hangs on a wall. Rustic, shabby chic style.
    PHOTO PROP: Great prop for your Real Estate Business Cards or Advertising Photo. Use as a subtle background by hanging on the wall or make it Bold by sitting on a desk next to or in front of you.
    GIFT IDEA: This sign make a great gift for a Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Brokers. Do you have a loved one, relative, or friend That is a Realtor agent or a broker and you want a unique gift.
    USES: This sign can be used to decorate an office wall, desk or shelf. Are you a Salesman, Saleswoman, or Salesperson and proud of it, then this would be a great piece for your home entry way, living room or family room. Shelf Knick Knacks
    PRIDE: Show your pride of being a great sales person and display this sign at your office and home.

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