All You Need is Love and A Good Bartender


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Meaningful and funny gift for your favorite bartender! You will put a smile on their face with this quality Made in America Gift item. Sign measures 8 x 6 inches. Sits freely on any shelf or table. Hangs with included and attached hardware. Mission: JennyGems products are handmade in Delaware. Each product is designed & handcrafted in an environment of pride & respect. We believe that when we make something we leave a part of “us” into our designs & into our art. Because our products are handmade, they have variations in color, shading, wood grain & texture. Give the gift of JennyGems with confidence.The recipient will feel the quality & details of a JennyGems product in their hands & know that it was proudly Made in USA

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Weight0.625 lbs
Dimensions8.0 × 6.0 × 1.5 in


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